The Center for Entrepreneurial Growth (CEG) is an entrepreneurial support organization within Tech 20/20. The CEG delivers sponsored programs to assist entrepreneurs in the process of developing an execution strategy that leads to a sustainable company. The CEG’s Strategic Company Playbook process is a proven road map model for entrepreneurial startups who have innovative ideas and want grow their businesses. In addition to its strategic planning process, the CEG has developed an extensive library of entrepreneurial training content with more than 35 seminars.

The CEG is funded by key sponsors that include:

  • The Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Oak Ridge, TN
  • The University of Tennessee Research Foundation – Knoxville, TN
  • Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation – London, KY
  • National Institute for Hometown Security – Somerset, KY

The Tennessee Technology Development Corporation has partnered with the CEG to develop and implement the Tennessee New Innovation Competition, a statewide opportunity for companies with promising technologies and innovative business models to learn how to prepare for fund raising and to provide an opportunity to gain recognition with potential funding partners. blog for the Center for Entrepreneurial Growth

Offering articles by CEG staff on key concepts of the entrepreneurial experience and reviews of useful resources such as good web sites and book reviews. From time to time we will have guest authors

CEG Services

Specific Services Provided to CEG Clients:

  • Provide business counseling, management team coaching, and financing preparation for CEG clients
  • Review of business plans and financial statements
  • Review of sales and marketing plans/materials
  • Coaching in the assessment and development of channel strategies
  • Assistance in defining and working strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Review of Contracts and other pertinent documents
  • Prepare and conduct educational/training sessions for CEG company management and staff
  • Help clients develop candidate or position profiles and assist in the hiring, compensation plan development, and staffing process
  • Assist with the development and review of action plans for company progression from start up to self sustaining businesses
  • Assist companies in their pursuit of debt or equity financing
  • Provide clients with access to certified, fee-based business consultants for specific tasks which may be needed during different stages of growth
  • Provide companies with periodic access to business mentors