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Dr. Michael B. Zemel, NuSirt Biopharma, Inc.

NuSirt Biopharma, Inc. launched in 2007 and is working to secure several medical licenses through the FDA. 

mrzThe company is primarily working on a medicine for diabetes — a disease that affects 26 million Americans. (Even worse, 60 million Americans have prediabetes.) 

NuSirt discovered a way to use natural compounds to create synergy with known pharmaceuticals to prevent and treat chronic diseases resulting from over-nutrition to aging. (Their leadership team makes clear that diabetes isn’t the only disease they’re working on curing.)

Dr. Michael B. Zemel, the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for NuSirt, didn’t start out as an entrepreneur. He actually served as a Professor of Nutrition and Medicine at The University of Tennessee from 1990 to 2012 (as well as the Director of the Nutrition Institute) when he came across a remarkable discovery.

Zemel, who had worked on a number of intellectual property licenses while teaching at UT, said his idea was something too big to pass up.

But he had a problem.

“I’m not trained in business,” he said. “I had some gut instincts — some right and some wrong.”

Zemel sought out the help of Tech 2020, who helped him on his business plan and his presentation for investors. Additionally, Tech 2020 helped him find his first CEO and get the company’s first six-figure investment – something not easy to do in the challenging years following The Great Recession of 2008.

Zemel laughs at the timing of when he started his company, but the reality is almost no one knew in 2007 that the economy would plummet in 2008. And bad timing or not, the company certainly seems well on its way to some pretty big things. (NuSirt leveraged its initial six-figure investment into additional funding totaling more than $10 million, according to media sources.)

 “We believe we can make a major impact on diabetes,” Zemel said, adding that the FDA is currently reviewing approval of a drug that’s done well on a clinical test. “But we in no way believe we are a one-hit wonder.”

NuSirt has an extensive IP portfolio that includes two issued patents and thirteen active patent applications. 

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