Equipping Entrepreneurs

The CEG offers a stage based program, guiding entrepreneurs to develop a fundable business model, preparing them to raise capital, and growing them to sustainability.

Connecting Capital

Through a network of local, regional and national funding sources, Tech20/20 connects capital with market ready innovations and credible management teams

Leveraging Regional Assets

East Tennessee’s unique attributes offer a launch point for startups. These include a world class national laboratory, a prolific research university, and an integrated community based support system
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Supporting Progams

Center for Entrepreneurial Growth

The CEG delivers sponsored programs to assist entrepreneurs in the process of developing an execution strategy that leads to a sustainable company. The CEG’s Strategic Company Playbook process is a proven road map model for entrepreneurial startups who have innovative ideas and want grow their businesses.

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Incubator Business Space

Resource rich environments for companies to connect and collaborate. Conveniently located to East TN research facilities and supporting businesses. 

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Tech Council Networking Events

To identify and promote technology strengths, resources and innovations that can help businesses and entrepreneurs grow and prosper in the region. TVTC will do this by providing networking and educational opportunities that facilitate the flow of knowledge and sharing of experiences between our members.

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A History of Access to Capital at Tech 20/20

Tech 20/20 has devoted incredible energy and attention to establish capital sources for technology at many different stages of development. One of Tech 20/20’s earliest initiatives was Pathway Lending.

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Chris Miller is a good friend and offered to share his notes from attendance at the recent Southeast Venture Conference.  Chris first published this on his blog: RockyTopMBA

Spent a couple days last week at the Southeast Venture Conference, held this year at Tyson’s Corner outside of Washington, DC.  Saw many interesting…

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Have you ever wanted to be a hero?

Our community, state and nation could use some more heroes right now.

Did you ever consider that you could be a hero by starting a business?

You could start a business that generates income for your family; provides a product or service that benefits the community; and employs people, enabling them to feed and house…

Read more: Grady Vanderhoofven: Ability to leap tall buildings unnecessary to be a hero

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